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Environmentally Sensitive Projects
Over the past 10 years Norellco has had a focus on construction projects completed in environmentally sensitive areas. These projects include installation of large diameter structures, creation of cascading and various depths of ponds, water filtration units, handling contaminated soil and water, and various other aspects. Norellco has been the contractor of choice for many of our clients. We have a track record of working cooperatively with the client and have demonstrated the ability to save clients significant money while performing the projects. Example projects shown under our Projects menu tab include Morris Wetland, Kennedale and Groat Road. Kennedale End-of-Pipe Constructed Wetland won The FCM Sustainability Community Award in 2010. 

Safety is a critical aspect of our construction business. It is imperative that our employees ensure the safety of themselves and others. See some of the ways Norellco creates a safe working environment and company culture by clicking here.

Project Management is an important aspect of executing our projects. Norellco executes each project with a high degree of quality within the defined project scope while maintaining the schedule and managing the budget. During the life cycle of the project, we are always striving to find ways to reduce costs. Norellco has a proven track record with their clients to find, suggest and implement cost savings.