Safety is a priority for Norellco. In order to prevent an incident from occurring, a functional safety culture must be in place. This culture is established through ongoing education, hazard assessment, and reiteration of company safety policies. Norellco employees are educated in preventative safety measures and hazard identification. Employees are given a detailed orientation prior to commencing work, educated in company policy, and are encouraged to speak their minds when it comes to safety initiatives. A great safety culture is achieved through transparency and team work. Employees are educated on a management level to understand how incidents happen; contributing factors and corrective actions. Norellco management takes a personal interest in the safety and wellbeing of all personnel witihin our organization.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All employees are required to wear appropriate PPE when on a job site. PPE is an individual's last line of defense when it comes to workplace hazards. CSA standard steel toed boots and high visibility vests are mandatory on all Norellco job sites. Ensuring adherence to all regulatory bodies is imperative for Norellco, specialized PPE is provided to workers as needed and where a hazard is present. Norellco employees are expected to practice due diligence, not only by recognizing hazards, but by doing everything practicable to minimize the hazard including wearing the proper PPE to suit the scope of work.

Safety Meetings 

Safety meetings are held regularly at Norellco. We believe safety meetings give employees the opportunity to voice both safety concerns and safety initiatives. Management is given the opportunity to educate employees about relevant safety matters that affect their daily working environment. Safety meetings are held weekly on active job sites. Senior management, clients, and subcontractors are always welcomed and often present.

At Norellco, productivity is a priority, but there is no job too urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.